Qardho  (PP News Desk) —Puntland State President Said Abdullahi Deni yesterday held a media briefing in Qardho on relief efforts for flood victims. President Deni thanked contributors to the Fund for helping flood victims and playing a role in the planned reconstruction of parts of Qardho district affected by floods in April.

“Experts have prepared a preliminary report on the impact of floods on Qardho. Floods have caused damages estimated to cost US$ 40 million. Causes of the flood identified by the technical committee will determine planning responses to prevent people from living in floods-prone areas again” President Deni said.

President Deni: Expenses to be incurred by government employees will come from Puntland State coffers

Contributions to the Fund range from money from the Federal Government of Somalia to donations from Somalis in the country and the diaspora.

“Puntland State Government will not use money from  the Fund for flood victims. Expenses to be incurred by government employees while working on the responses to the emergency will come directly from Puntland State coffers” he said.

Puntland State has not allocated a budget for natural disasters. The 2020 budget for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Agency passed by Puntland Parliament contains budget items for remuneration and expenses. President Deni did not clarify why Puntland is unable to contribute to the Qardho Fund.

“The Fund is a disaster response experiment that, if successful, will be emulated throughout Somalia. While we are helping people to cope with the impact of floods, we must observe preventive measures such as social distancing during the health emergency caused by Covid-19” President Deni added.

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