Galka’yo (PP) —  Puntland and Galmudug authorities met at Sugulle Hotel in North Galka’yo yesterday to diffuse the tension caused by armed clashes between Puntland and militias from South Galka’yo. A surprise attack my the militias on a Puntland-run police station at Tareege, a hamlet West of Galka’yo, resulted in heavy exchange of fire betwen Puntland Forces and militias.

Elders and peace activists from North and South Galka’yo have organised the meeting to de-escalate the situation. Puntland has deployed  troops at Tareege to deter further attacks. “A group of bandits launched a hit and run attack against Tareege Police Station. Bandits are not associated with Galmudug nor is Galmudug behind the attack. One Puntland soldier died at the scene” Mudug Governor of Puntland Ahmed Musse Nur told Puntland Post.

Galka’yo enjoyed relative peace before Tareege incident. A joint security committee from Puntland and Galmudug oversees an agreement signed in 2015 by the two administrations  to have a common stand on freelance militias that periodically attack civilians and government premises.

State Minister for Justice (Puntland) attended the meeting. ”We have succeeded to prevent the tension from spiralling out of control. We will convene again to redress wrongs. When incidents happen it is unwise if some media outlets exaggerate it” said Abdirahman Isaq, Galmudug Governor of Mudug region.   

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