Qardho (PP News Desk)— In response to the appeal  from Puntland State Government to collectively respond to the impact of floods in Qardho, Dahabshiil Group has made a donation of US$ 50,000 to the High Economic Committee for Qardho Floods.

“We are here to hand over a donation of US$ 50,000 due to floods that caused death and loss of wealth in Qardho [last week]. The donation is contribution towards efforts to assist people affected by floods” said Mohammed Musse, the  Dahabshiil Group Managing Director in Puntland.

Timely donation from Dahabshiil Group to flood victims in Qardho

State Minister for Puntland Presidency Mohammed Hassan Issa and Sheikh Fu’ad Aflow, a member of the Committee, separately thanked Dahabshiil for the timely assistance. “We are grateful to Dahabshiil Group of Companies — the bank, the money transfer, telecommunications and enterprises — for the donation.  Similarly,,we thank the Dahabshiil Group founder,  the staff here in Puntland and other parts of the country for this donation to your brothers and sisters affected by floods” said Sheikh Fu’ad.

Puntland State Government formed last week a committee independent of but supervised by the government to coordinate the response to Qardho floods. Dahabshiil Group is the first Somali-owned company to make donation in the aftermath of Qardho floods as a part of its philanthropic endeavours.

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