Lasanod (PP News Desk) — Unidentified gunmen have shot dead Abdiqani Guhad, a senior Somaliland Intelligence officer,  in Lasanod.

It is the second high profile assassination in the disputed town since February when the former Chairman of Sool Regional Court was killed in a bomb attached to his car.

The security crisis in Lasanod prompted Somaliland authorities in Sool to review security arrangements for top officials of the regional administration. It is not clear which part of Lasanod the slain intelligence officer was staying when assasins targetted him.

The resumption of targetted assassinations against Somaliland government employees in Lasanod will put a question mark over the securitisation strategy Somaliland administration has banked on.

In 2013 the current Lasanod Mayor survived an attempt on his life. The suspect was taken into custody but has not been tried. 

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