Blood-money Secures Stay of Execution for a Convicted Murderer

Garowe (PP News Desk) Cabdisalaan Cabdiraxmaan Warsame, one of the three men sentenced to death by firing squad for gangraping and killing Aisha Ilyas, was granted a stay of execution.

The families of the deceased Aisha and Cabdisalaan agreed a deal involving blood money. The surviving convicted murderer’s family will have to give blood-money (mag in Somali) in the form of 75 camels to the family of the late Aisha Ilyas. Each  camel Is priced at US$ 500. The family of the Cabdisalaan Warsame are legally required to pay off the remaining portion of blood-money ( 25 camels) within three months, as a source familiar with case told Puntland Post.

Ilyas: The father of the late Aisha Ilyas

The blood-money is 25% higher than the amount of camels given to a family of a female who loses her life as a result of premeditated murder. The two families submitted a jointly signed agreement to the Puntland courts to facilitate the release of Cabdisalaan Warsame from the death row.

This development revives debates about anomalies in the hybrid justice  system of Puntland. There is  no a Probation Service  within Puntland criminal justice system to monitor behaviours of people who are spared jail time or execution as a result of deals reached by parties involved in a given case.  “Recidivism rate is probably high in the absence of a Probation Service in Puntland” says a legal researcher in Bosaso.

The deal to accept blood-money brings to an end a gang-rape and murder case involving three men, two of whom were executed eight days ago in Bosaso.

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