Puntland State Suspends Haj and Umrah Agents

Garowe (PP News Desk) — Puntland Ministry for Justice, Religious Affairs and Constitution suspended yesterday services of Haj and Umrah agencies to review the quality of their services and compliance with rules.

The Ministry instructed agencies to present themselves at the Ministry premises within seven days. Failure to comply with the Ministerial instruction will lead to consequences ranging from a fine to a loss of an agent’s license.

Puntland Minister for  Justice, Religious Affairs and Constitutional Mr Awil Sheikh Haamid signed the letter to the agencies. The subject of the letter reads in translation: Registration of Haj and Umrah Agencies but the content of the letter reflects dissatisfaction with how Haj and Umrah agencies in Puntland go about their businesses. “One wonders if Haj and Umrah agencies are not registered with the  Ministry of Justice, Religious Affairs and Constitution if the aim is to instruct them to register their agencies with the Ministry.

Agencies must be certified otherwise scammers will pose as Haj and Umrah agencies” says a Puntlander, who uses agencies’ services. Preparations are underway for the Haj season. Some agencies get oversubscribed but fail to honour travel arrangements for pilgrims and refund money.

The Ministry is said to be interested in introducing periodic customer satisfaction assessment of Haj and Umrah agencies in Puntland.

Haj and Umrah Agencies must have proper registration


Puntland Post, 2020