Abiy Ahmed’s Twitter and Facebook Pages Post a Map of Dismembered Somalia

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) —  The Ethiopian Prime Minister Nobel Laureate Dr Abiy Ahmed is under fire for allowing to have a map of dismembered Somalia posted in his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

While Ethiopia remains one country, the map divides Somalia into white and grey parts. The grey part bears the name Somalia whereas the white area, presently known as Somaliland, remains nameless. The Ethiopian Government has not apologised for the cartographic absurdity.

Cartographic absurdity of Abiy Ahmed

“Abiy Ahmed is an irredentist Nobel Peace Laureate. This is not absurdity” Farah Jimale, an educational management professional in Mogadishu, told Puntland Post. “The Horn of Africa Integration Initiative shows the naivete of President Farmaajo and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed” said Jimale.

Somalis know past Ethiopian expansionist agenda as black colonialism of Habesha. 

Puntland Post, 2020