President Hassan Sheikh Issues a Veiled Threat to His Successor 

Mogadishu  ( PP News Desk) – Political uncertainties in Somalia took a turn for the worse following a tweet by the Former President of the Federal Government of Somalia. “History clearly teaches us stability and prosperity is conditioned on VOICE OF REASON to lead the processes. If those who lead our country refuse to listen and accommodate the voices of reason, soon they will deal with those of unreasonable voices equipped with violence ” tweeted President Mohamud. 

The veiled threat of the former President of the Federal Republic of Somalia echoes the sentiment of the former National Intelligence and Security Agency Director, Abdullahi Mohamed Ali, who belongs to Union for Peace and Development Party headed by President Mohamud. With less than a year to go before  2021 elections in Somalia, Abdihakim Ainte, a critic of the current Federal Government suggested the reconstitution of ” …[a] National Leadership Forum and … a workable [electoral ] model.” 

The Federal Parliament passed in December last year  an electoral law that could enable the Federal Government to implement a controversial electoral, Many analysts view the electoral as a variant of the indirect electoral model President Mohamud agreed with Federal Member States under Vision 2016. 

Former President Mohamud: Violence is the answer to irrationality 

In a Universal TV interview President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed made a cause for continuity although he had campaigned against the continuity agenda of his predecessor.

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