President Farmaajo: Puntland President Must Respect People’s Wishes 

In a lengthy Universal TV interview President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed urged President Said Abdullahi Deni “to respect people’s wishes” adding that Puntland “claims to be a Mother of Federalism”. ” I have been to Puntland twice since Deni was elected President of Puntland and invited him to visit Mogadishu, Puntlanders like good governance” President Mohamed said.

President Mohamed downplayed the controversy over educational policy between Puntland State and the Federal Government of Somalia. “Our debate should have revolved around the quality of education our children receive, which schools are performing well, which are underperforming” President Mohamed told Universal TV.

President Mohamed has not elaborated how a debate on the quality of education in Somalia could take place in the absence a national curriculum widely accepted throughout the Federal Republic of Somalia. 

President Mohamed: Puntland claims to be the Mother of Federalism

In Puntland President Mohamed has come under fire over his choice of words. Puntland does not claim to be the mother of federalism. It happened that leaders from the first autonomous state in Somalia argued for the merits of federalism after state collapse.

“President Deni has a mandate. When President Mohamed urges Puntland State President to respect wishes of people the Head of State is unwittingly fomenting dissent ” Dahir Aden, a retired Puntland administrator told Puntland Post.

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