Puntland Executes Two Convicted Rapists and Murderers

Puntland Custodial Corps executed earlier today Abdifatah Abdirahman Warsame and Abdisakur Mohamed Dige, who were convicted of gang-raping and murdering Aisha Ilyas. Puntland Attorney General Mohamud Hassan Aw Osman confirmed the execution to Puntland Post.

The two murderers were murdered

Cabdisalam Abdirahman Warsame was temporarily given stay of execution following a request from the father of the murdered child. The First Level Court of Nugaal sentenced the three men to death by a firing squad. The Supreme Court of Puntland rejected judicial review request from the convicted rapists.  

On 24 February 2019 Aisha Ilyas went missing in Sinai neighbourhood of North Galka’yo.  Next day Aisha’s body was found  near her family’s house. Post-mortem conducted by Puntland Criminal Investigation Department concluded that Aisha suffered rape and torture before the men killed her. Puntland Forensic Centre was involved in examining DNA traces  of the suspects found on Aisha’s body.

The murder resulted in popular angst about leniency towards rapists, who benefit from traditional adjudication. The Aisha Ilyas case was tried under a Civil Law court in line with the Somali Penal Code.

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