Abdi F. Said: Puntland is at a Crossroads

The former Federal Minister for Interior, Mr Abdi Farah Said, has welcomed the high-level consultative conference to be held in Garowe in March.

“The decision to hold a consultative conference to discuss the system of governance is timely though belated” Mr Said wrote in a Facebook post. “Puntland should contemplate the appropriate form of government for Somalia— centralised city state government of the past or federal or confederal system of government where powers are decentralised” he added.

Said: Centralism poses a threat to federalism in Somalia 

On Friday President Said Abdullahi Deni held a press conference in which he criticised the Mogadishu-based Federal Government for centralism, destabilising federal member states and politicising educational rights of students. Withdrawal from federal institutions is the likely outcome of the impending conference.

In 2019 President of the Federal Government Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed claimed that his government was the real federalist entity in contrast to federal member states. As a pre-Federal autonomous state Puntland relations with the Federal Government remains strained.

It is the first time Puntland State has summoned its MPs and Senators in Mogadishu for consultations. Puntland Senators did not show up for the Upper House session last week.

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