The Federal Government Must Recognise Puntland Examinations

By Professor Yusuf Mohamed Haid

Translated from Somali by Puntland Post news desk

The controversy surrounding the Puntland secondary school certificate unrecognised by the Federal Government had come to my attention. I was a member of the first Somali curriculum committee formed in 1975 and headed by Suleiman Mohamud Adam.

For ten years I was a member of the foreign language curricula department of Saint Louis schools in the United States. In addition, I have worked with Puntland Education Ministry. In 2012 I visited Mogadishu, where I met head-teachers and teachers under the educational umbrella in the capital city.

Y. M. Haid: It is unwise to politicise education of children

What is a school certificate? It is a proof that a student has successfully covered the standard syllabus. In USA and Europe the responsibility to produce the evidence that the student successfully covered the syllabus lies with the school.

Puntland schools do not follow the curriculum set by the Federal Government. Puntland educational system has gone through reforms and enhancements compared to the Federal educational system. Garowe Teachers Education College in Puntland is comparable in mission to the former College of Education in Afgoye to train teachers. The pertinent question is: which examination should the Federal Government oblige Puntland students to take? Is it one based on Puntland syllabus or Federal Government syllabus? Has the Federal Education Ministry evaluated Puntland curriculum? If the Puntland and Federal Government curricula differ, which one should be the basis for examinations Puntland students will have to take? 

The Federal Government should recognise Puntland examinations and the secondary school leaving certificate. It is unwise to create confusion in the minds of children and politicise their education.

© Yusuf Mohamed Haid, 2020