“An Extraordinary AMISOM Summit” on Somalia in the Pipeline

Mogadishu ( PP news Desk) – Beled Hawo district in Gedo region of Somalia borders Kenya. People in the district are fleeing the business town after the Somali Federal Government deployed militias from the what is wrongly known as the Somali National Army.

 Clashes between the Federal Government militias and Jubaland forces have caused massive displacement. The ill-thought-out decision to deploy militias in Gedo without consultations with Jubaland State violates the consensus-based approach that is supposed to be the cornerstone of “stabilisation strategy for Somalia.”

 Kenya, a troop-contributing country of AMISOM proposed an extraordinary summit for AMISOM to discuss the Gedo debacle. Since Somalia does not have a National Army, observers point out the similarities  between President Farmaajo’s stratagems to send militias to his clan’s stronghold and the desperate measures adopted by the military regime in 1990 to respond to increasing unpopularity triggered by prolonged dictatorship.

President Kenyatta is concerned about renewed fighting in Gedo

Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame, the leader of Wadajir Party, criticised the deployment of militias in Gedo. “The Federal Government does not  have troops to fight Al-Shabab, nor does it have forces to stabilize towns liberated from AS.However, it has hundreds of soldiers and armored vehicles to spare to capture Gedo Region from the Jubbaland state &  Dusomareb from Ahlu Sunnah” tweeted Mr Warsame.

The AMISOM extraordinary summit will be a snub to the Federal Government of Somalia whose mandate ends in February 2021 if  its term in office does not get extended.

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