Somalia’s President is Still a Member of GOP

Mogadishu ( PP News Desk ) – When President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed gave up his US citizenship a year ago, he had set an example that politicians with dual citizenship might have to follow to put accusations of multiple loyalties behind themselves. The decision won President Mohamed a smattering of political capital. The Somali draft constitution does not bar a Somali with dual citizenship to hold the highest office of the country.

President Mohamed with Stephen Schwartz, former United States Ambassadorto Somalia

The presidential decision to deny his detractors the opportunity to accuse him of dual loyalties has been short-lived. President Mohamed is still a member of the Republican Party although he has had voting rights rescinded. “[T]he [Somali] diaspora was puzzled why a Somali refugee would join a party which has often shown such little regard for migrants. But those connections might help him now. Apparently, Farmajo believes he can convince Trump that there is no need to end refugee resettlement, or for a travel ban” wrote Ismail Einashe in Prospect magazine two months after the election of Mohamed as the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia.  

“Connections President Mohamed made through the Grandld Party are what drives the agenda of the Federal Government in the interest of the Republican Party donors most of whom run oil companies” says a Mogadishu-based political analyst. Until President Mohamed answers questions about potential conflict of interest before and after giving up US citizenship and any voluntary contributions he has made to the Republican Party for the last five years, the suspicion that he leads a puppet government micromanaged by the Halane-based American Embassy will persist.

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