Puntland to Review Its Membership in Federal Institutions

Garowe (PP News Desk) – With relations between Puntland State and the Federal Government of Somalia at a very low ebb, Puntland Government is planning a high level consultative summit to review the Federal Member State’s membership in the Federal Institutions.

The cause for the review is said to be the aggressive and marginalising policies adopted by the current occupant of Villa Somalia, President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, towards Puntland. Yesterday, Puntland authorities closed branch offices of National Independent Electoral Commission, which has a mandate under the electoral law passed last December by the Federal Parliament to organise one person, one vote elections in parts of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

President Mohamed (left) rebuffed olive branch from Puntland President (right)

Puntland State is a constituent and founding member of the Federal Government but hardly enjoys the privilege such  membership entails. President Mohamed visited Puntland in 2018 and in 2019. The last visit took place several months after Said Abdullahi Deni took over as a President of Puntland State. Disputes over legislations passed by the Federal Government and educational policies have further driven a wedge between the Federal Government and Puntland State.

If the outcome of the impending consultative summit turns out to be withdrawal from membership in the Federal Institutions, a constitutional crisis may result in either the dissolution or downgrading of the Federal Government, which is  planning a two-year extension if election plans fail to come to fruition. 

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