US Policies Make Somalia Relapse into Failed State Status


The American Embassy in Mogadishu issued a statement in which it calls for reconciliation between the Federal Government and Federal Member States. While the idea to urge the Somali political stakeholders to cooperate over nation-building deserves a support, one wonders if the United States is the right envoy to preach peace and collaboration among Somali political stakeholders. The United States of America is no longer an impartial partner in Somalia.

As a super power it has strategic goals that do not mesh with what Somalia needs: robust institutions and accountable politicians. USA is interested in promoting a narrow Horn of Africa integration plan to put in place client states run by unpopular leaders whose sole support stems from periodic press releases from Bretton Woods institutions to paint a picture of  potential economic progress.

USA First: Yamamoto pursues hegemonic goals in the Horn of Africa 

Since 2012 Somalia has had a permanent government formed in line with 2012 London Somalia Conference. If the collaboration between the Federal Government and Federal Member States has come to halt, the blame should be pinned on the Somali Presidency, which is nostalgic for authoritarian era that caused state collapse in 1991.

The responsibility to make Somalia a peaceful country belongs solely to Somalis. What worries many Somalis is the high-handed diplomatic approach pursued by Ambassador Donald Yamamoto, who usurped the role of Somalia’s International Partners to issue successive statements on political developments in Somalia.  How can one trust the work of UNSOM if both Ambassador Yamamoto and UNSOM Chief, James Swan, treat Somali like a vassal state and  in the process gradually undo all achievements gained since 2012? 

The US policies towards Somalia make the country relapse into failed state status. AU, EU, UK and other countries  involved in the stabilisation of Somalia should make their voices heard about the US Ambassador’s policies that keep Somalia in permanent state of  political instability.

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