UK and Italy “to Pay Off Somalia’s Debt”

(Mogadishu, Puntland Post) The Somali Federal Government Council of Ministers yesterday ratified a proposal about a bridging loan from Noway to facilitate achieving the debt relief milestone for Somalia.

The Norway initiative came to light last year when Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheire met senior officials of the Norwegian Government.  Somali National News Agency (SONNA) reported that United Kingdom and Italy would pay off Somalia’s debt. Both countries have not issued statements to corroborate the SONNA story.

UK and Italy, two former colonial powers, are teaming up to challenge assertive French policy embedded in EU mission  in Somalia at the time Britain is finalising its exit from the EU. 

SONNA’S report lacks corroboration 

Last year Britain voted for the continuation of arms embargo against Somalia for fear that Somali troops’ weapons  could end up in the hands of religous extremists waging the war against the Federal Government and its backers, Amisom.  Italy has been playing a more active role in Somali politics but has not reportedly been keen on the debt relief agenda at the bedrock of US policy towards Somalia at a time Somali political situation has entered a period of dysfunctionality.  

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