Italy Leads Relief Efforts for Flood Victims in Somalia

The Italian Government has donated to victims of floods in several regions of Somalia. Yesterday an aircraft carrying the donation touched  down in Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu. At hand to hand over the donation to the Federal Government of Somalia was the Italian Ambassador, Dr Alberto Vecchi.

Ambassador Alberto Vechi handing over the donation from Italy

The donation consists of medicine, blankets, detergents and other equipment, making Italy the first EU country to contribute to efforts to alleviate the hardship flood victims are undergoing.

“I am pleased to hand over a donation from the government and people of Italy to Somalia” Ambassador Vechi said.

Italy is taking a lead role in helping Somalia to cope with natural disasters such as floods in addition to boosting the capacity of Federal Health Ministry through collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). With the appointment of Ambassador Vechi, the friendly relations between Somalia has entered a new phase.

Italian assistance to Somalia is making a difference in the health sector. Floods have affected more than 200, 000 people, mostly in Beledweyn district, where heavy rains conspired with river floods to displace thousands of families.