A Somali Deputy Minister Embroiled in Property Dispute

The mother of Mahad Abdirahman Rajis appealed to Fahmo Ahmed Nur, the Deputy Minister of Planning, Investment and Economic Development of the Federal Government of Somalia, to facilitate the release of Mahdi who has been in jail in Mogadishu.

Mahdi, who belongs to the family of the late lawyer and Banadiri political activist, Mohamed Rajis, sought to claim his entitlement to inherit a property of Mohamed Rajis.

Mahdi’s mother recorded a video message shared on Facebook platform. “I ask for you to secure the freedom of my son. He has hypertension” the mother said.

Fahmo A. Nur was married to Rajis

Fahmo was married to the Mohamed Rajis before he passed away. Property disputes get resolved at courts. The use of the social media to publicise the property dispute of a family and the alleged role of a Deputy Minister have yet to be addressed by the authorities of Banadir region. Fahmo has not commented on the allegation that she arrested Mahdi.  

“The Federal Government should investigate the allegation that Fahmo has misused her authority” said a relative of Mahdi.

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