Lies of Somali Federal Government Exposed in Galmudug


The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, has paid a visit to Dhusamareeb to conclude a conference for Galmudug stakeholders. A statement issued in the name of the Republic of Federal Republic of Somalia describes the event as  a reconciliation conference.

The Government of the former President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud,  finalised the process to create Galmudug as an inclusive Federal Member State four years ago. To  describe the process of electing a new President for Galmudug as reconciliation is utterly misleading.

Participants at the conference  for “new Galmudug”

What is more, the statement bearing the Federal Government’s imprimatur contains a misleading detail that downplays divisive tactics of the incumbent Federal Government. One of the aims of the conference is, ” to create a new Galmudug”, the statement reads.

The motive to  influence electoral outcomes in Galmudug draws attention away from parts of Southern Somalia in dire need for  genuine reconciliation.  In  Lower Shabelle,  where armed militias dispossessed people of their farms and occupied  territories  that  traditionally  peaceful clans inhabit, the Federal Government prefers to worsen the plight  of oppressed clans. 

No wonder elders of South West State have rejected the initiative to hold one person, one vote elections. They urged the government to stick with the 4.5 power-sharing system. They understand that elections held under the current conditions will legitimate the suffering of their people at the hands of  a Federal Government  that misuses the idea of reconciliation at the expense of long-suffering  citizens in Lower Shabelle and Middle Shabelle.

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