Federal Government Sets Undisclosed Conditions to Release Security Minister

The Deputy Chairman of Jubaland Independent Electoral Commission, Ahmed Mohamur Omar,  told the media representatives in Kismayo that efforts made by Federal Member State to secure the release of its Security Minister currently in detention in Mogadishu had ended in failure.

Omar said that meetings Jubaland Administration held with Federal Government officials and officers from the national intelligence agency ended in  a deadlock following unrealistic conditions set by the federal government to release Jubaland Security Minister, Abdirashid Hassan Nur.

Nur was travelling by an Ethiopian airplane that was forced to go through Mogadishu as a part of new guidelines to curtail aviation privileges of Jubaland after the outcome of Jubaland election results that the Federal Government of Somalia declined to recognise.  

Federal Government Police in Mogadishu took Jubaland Security Minister into custody. Omar described conditions for release as “divisive”.