Aynte: Somali leaders view politics as zero sum game

The former Minister of Planning Ministry Abdirahman Aynte has expressed dismay at the leadership style of leaders of the Somali Federal Government, reports Jowhar.com “Somali federal leaders subscribe to the view that politics is zero sum game at a time the country needs conciliatory approach” Ayte said. 

Ayte said Somalia is not at a stage where defeating the political opponent is the solution. “Collective leadership is the necessary path” he  added. The continued tussle between the federal government and federal member states, according to Aynte, is a product of the leadership style the incumbent federal leaders have adopted.

Aynte has pointed out that deteriorating security situation had become a boon for Al-shabaab, which levies tax on Mogadishu businesses. 

Comments of the former minister will not go down well with the federal government. Aynte was in charge of the preparations for 2017 London Somalia conference. “The President occupies the highest position in the country. He is expected to fulfill the promise he made in Garowe earlier this year to act as reconciler” Ayte said.