Horyaal TV Closure Triggers Debate on Privacy

The closure of Horyaal TV Network by Somaliland authorities in Hargeysa  portends tough times ahead of Somaliland media houses. An investigative report by Horyaal brought to light “women-only Khat sessions” in Hargeysa. The report prompted  imams and preachers in Hargeisa to condemn women chewing Khat in places similar to men-only Khat venues known as majlis. There are no known venues for women-only Khat sessions in Hargeysa. 

Women chewing Khat at an undisclosed venue in Hargeysa   

Horyaal TV producers authorised journalistic investigation into women chewing Qat in private premises. The editorial decision raises questions about editorial standards of Horyaal TV network. In Islam it is impermissible to pry into lives of people. Somaliland Government has yet to issue a statement on the closure of Horyaal TV station. Somaliland Journalists Association has called for the Somaliland Government to reverse the decision to shut down the TV network.

Secession questioned: President Bihi looks at a Somalia Map impassively

Meanwhile a Horyaal news bulletin item on Somaliland President’s visit to Djibouti has become a subject of discussions in the social media. Horyaal reported that President Muse Bihi was impassively listening to a presentation involving a map of Somalia that does not show Somaliland as a separate country. Djibouti recognises the sovereignty of Somalia over the self-proclaimed republic of Somaliland. Djibouti troops are a part of Amisom to  protect the Federal Government against Al-shabaab.