A Poet Criticises Hargeysa Cultural Centre

The invitation of Botswana writer and actor, Donald Molosi,  to present a screening of his film at Hargeysa Cultural Centre has drawn criticism of  a poet in Somaliland. Yusuf Sha’ir convened a press conference in Hargeysa this week to castigate what he views as a new development against “our culture and religion”.  He took issue with the decision by  Jama Musse Jama, the founder of the flagship centre, to give a platform to a “man who promotes same sex marriage”. Sha’ir said that neighbouring Ethiopia barred promoters of same sex marriage from conducting a training in Ethiopia.

“Several years ago Hargeysa International Book Fair invited a woman who campaigns for  same sex relationships. When we asked Jama if he was aware the African man’s activism, he said that the Centre had not been aware of Molosi’s political activities” Sha’ir added.   Donald Molosi is a novelist and actor who actively campaigns for decriminalisation of same-sex relationships. The Botswana government is appealing against a ruling that legalised homosexuality in the land-locked country in Southern Africa . 

The Chairman of Somaliland opposition party, UCID, Faysal Ali Warabe came out in defence if Hargeysa Cultural Centre. “The Centre is a place through which we interact with the world. Enemies constantly target it” he said without specifying who the enemy is.