Create links between Puntland and Italian Universities

Some founders of Puntland universities taught or got educated at the Somali National University (SNU). Faculties of SNU had links with Italian universities. The relationship had a positive impact on the quality of the curriculum.   

After 1991 many Puntland professionals had tertiary education in Italy. They can play a role in creating links between Puntland and Italian universities. They can also pioneer to open Italian language schools because Italy is one G7 countries that own 58% of global wealth. The former FAI invested in the construction of the infrastructure on which Puntland relies. People of Puntland are grateful to Italian taxpayers.

Higher education links between Puntland and Italian universities will positively contribute to the quality of the curriculum and universities’ administration. Before the collapse of the state in 1991 there were no universities in Puntland. It shares with other parts of Somalia the absence of institutional history as to how to run a university due to the looting of documents after state collapse.

Puntland Post urges  Puntland Government to lend a hand to efforts aimed at creating technical cooperation between Puntland and Italian universities.