Mogadishu’s security is worse off, wherefore?

Mohamed Aidarus Mohamud


Mogadishu once known as the pearl of Indian Ocean, it is the capital city of Somalia, largest and most populous city in the nation. The city’s peacefulness is tantamount that the entire nation is in a tranquil.  Sad to say, our capital is accustomed to regular attacks and explosions. If you type the word “Mogadishu” or  “Somalia”  into the Google, you will instantly see violent news such as “Al-Shabaab attack in Somali capital kills at least 10” and ” Somalia’s  Al-Shabaab militants attack ministry” from the major news sites in the globe; The Washington post, CNN, Reuters, Aljazeera, The Guardian and so on.

8th February 2017, President Farmaajo came to power; the president’s election triumph was widely applauded and welcomed. Upon word of his election, celebrations rocked the entire country; the people thrilled as they born again. The president stoutly pledged at many occasions that his government would defeat Al-shabaab with in two-year period. It was a noble decision, although; it was seemed a far-fetched to some people.

Two years on, Mogadishu is bleeding and suffering, the people are in regular fear, condolences and miserable condition. Our much-beloved ones perish in these regular banes. The explosions are incessantly blasting and we learn nothing.

Alshabaab is regularly attacking us, and what disheartens the commune is that the terrorists get less retaliation from the government, government’s security reconnaissance and intelligence is feeble. Al-Shabaab have the courage to attack the government buildings and kill senior government officials as it happened March 23, let alone the civilians and private hotels. It is just one example out of many; that is indicating Mogadishu’s volatile security.

Not a single high-ranking security official is being sacked or resigned due to failure or negligence, so far, except district police commissioners who were fired but many people described the change as naive since the failed ministries are on duty. The government has long been criticized by the community and this is signaling that the security complaint of the people fall on deaf ears. This is also undoubtedly pointing the presence of vast corruption, negligence and nepotism in the security authorities.

 The public see that Mogadishu’s security has been deteriorating and the question are many asking is the reason behind the worsening. I have the curiosity to dig deeper the main hurdles and the obstacles of Mogadishu’s peace.

The Mogadishu’s peace obstructions are multitudinous. The major barrier is mercenary trader who benefited the anarchy and lawlessness. Moreover, these traders are backers, financers and sponsors of the anarchism. They hinder any step towards peace and progress; it is because they will broke if rule of law is fully install.

The incontestable obstacle is; the security cooperation between the members of the public and police forces is not meritoriously working. The civilians and security authorities are quarantining one other and this will ease the denotations to increase. Public-government security collaboration is what we dearth. People are highly eager of security betterment but they do not work closely with government; the other way around, they work with Al-shabaab and pay extortion owing to the fear of peril and targeting.

Penetration from overseas enemies might exist, which is may be a part and parcel of Mogadishu’s security jeopardy and Somalia at large. To be honest, not any one can firmly prove and explain how these outsiders create insecurity and chaos in our country.

To be fair, cronyism and negligence are lucid stumbling blocks to the security; People have the opinion that federal government of Somalia has less heed towards security; it is because the no retaliation the terrorist encounter from the government. This administration has shown us a fight against corruption and nepotism and the people sturdily cheered but still, it is eminently exist in the administration. Certain high-ranking security officials stay in the power in a cronyism and corruption way, and this is a part and parcel of the bungling; Friendship bond overpowered the public security is what elevated the lack of accountability in the security sector.

Somali nationals are anguishing; they do not need rhetoric words and eloquent speeches any more, they need a tangible action and fulfilment to get peace and to live without hostile aggression. It is fact-based that we are confronting suicide bombers who are ruthlessly perishing their lives and it is true that it is hard to overcome such kind of attackers but the only technique we can defeat them is to have the traits of commitment, solidarity and vigilance.

It is significant to establish a better collaboration between the public and security authorities and without police-community Corporation nothing is rectifying rather, the instability will endure. Government must retaliate Al-Shabaab to defend the lives of the people. If the terrorist face regular attacks from government and civilians combined, their assaults into the civilians would be tenuous. The serving security official must be qualified, committed and expert in security sector. The government of Somalia must come up with comprehensive security strategies to combat and to eliminate the terrorists.

By: Mohamed Aidarus Mohamud