Somalia is one of the countries which their people are 100% Muslim. before 1990s, the religion practice and study centers was very rare. Islamic Scholars who do awareness campaign was actively targeted by the government.

After the collapse of central government, Somali people continuously understand the benefit of learning their religion and Islamic scholars began educating people with no fear of any danger. The Islamic study centers and mosques was fully admitted and filled in. the Da’wa time started smoothly, the air of mercifulness has eventually come and the sun of goodness has ultimately raised.

The city of Mogadishu was one of the cities which has the biggest challenge in terms of religions’ rise and shine during the revolutionary time, but after while it became one of the most places people to travel to study the religion. The late of 2006 Mogadishu has changed again to a place of battle and more than half million people flee from city to surrounded arias, cities and neighboring countries. Many Islamic classes stopped due to closed centers and mosques in the complex area.

The declining time of Da’wa was just began, Small number of Madarasa and mosques in safe areas continued to be studied in the religion and major gathering events was totally ended.

After restore of peace in Mogadishu, scholars relieved and restarted the Da’wa campaign, the meetings and gathering programs in mosques, schools and private hotels has been organized. but the most heart-touching program ever happen in Mogadishu was held last Friday 18-01-2019 at Banadir Stadium, known to “Stadium Konis “ where more than 15,000 people gathered to listen and watch the popular sheikh Mohamed sheikh Ibrahim “Kenyawi” who based in Kenya, the stadium was fully attended and around 3,000 people went back to their houses due to shortage of space, the event was just postponed week before when the biggest Hall of Mogadishu, Sahal Hall was not enough due to the number of attendees.

The sheikh is popular in social media, “the most topics he addresses are those actively concerned to the society” is one of the responses I got from my colleagues when I asked what brings so much love and an amazing attendance to the Kenyaw’s program?

The lecture to the Fridays’ afternoon was addressed by pardons, where every one of attendees is advised to forgive his or her brother or sister and forget what ever mistake was done to him. The sheikh has not also forgotten to deliver the massage of patriotism and abandon the migration because their land of origin needs more.

Despite the Sheikh and Topic, the people of Mogadishu have sent a clear signal and described by action how much need they have to listen and watch to their Islamic Scholars. Therefore, the ball is the Scholar’s side whether they sink or swim.

By: Mohamed Dahir Sheikh Ahmed


Writer and Freelance Researcher