Somali MPs from south west state call for postponement of presidential election in south-west

Members of the Federal Parliament of Somalia from south-western state of Somalia have appealed the situation in south-west, especially the election expected to happen in Baidoa.

The meeting of these lawmakers in Mogadishu addressed the latest clashes in Baidoa, suggesting the postponement of the South-western presidential election, until a political agreement.

These MPs have accused the Federal Government of Somalia of interfering in the affairs of the south western administration and expressed their displeasure about the deadly clashes in recent days in Baidoa.

The lawmakers also criticized the arrest of Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansour, one of the candidates running for the South West president.

In the same way, these MPs accused AMISOM peacekeepers, especially Ethiopian troops, as part of the interference of the Somali Federal Government in the south-west.

In recent days, Baidoa city has been hit by tensions that resulted in deaths and injuries, these tensions came after the Somali government arrested Mukhtaar Roobow, one of the top candidates of the southwest presidential election.