Al-Shabab and ISIS clash in Bari region

A statement from the ISIS Islamist group that was published on Sunday by the ISIS News Agency Amaq, said their militias killed 14 members of al-Shabab islamist group.

ISIS militants claimed that their fighters attacked al-Shabab members in the Village of Miirale, southwest town of Qandala, in Bari region, who were preparing to attack the ISIS bases in the Bari region, According to the statement.

The Statement was published by the Amaq news Agency, adding that the ISIS killed 14 members of the al-Shabab, the others were injured and captured military equipment.

Last month, ISIS released a warning to other Al-Shabaab terrorist group accused of hitting the ISIS members in southern Somalia, and threatening to avenge.

This comes as Puntland state of Somalia prepares for the presidential election and the president Abdwali Gaas wants to run again.

It is noteworthy that the Bari regional security officials are busy with the elections, and some may run in high seats as members of the parliament and the president.