Puntland Ministry of Women held a meeting to support women’s quota for government sectors

The Puntland Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs today launched a conference on promoting women’s political participation.

This meeting was attended by  traditional elders, women and youth and focused on women’s access to the quota in government sectors.

The Minister of Women Development and Family Affairs, Maryan Ahmed Ali, said that the ministry has made great efforts and Continues advocates for women’s access to the correct political quota and they would appear among government bodies, such as the parliament and the cabinet.

The minister urged traditional elders to select members of the House of Representatives to take responsibility for ensuring that women in Puntland can find the right quotas for the current parliament, as traditional elders are choosing.

The minister also sent a message to the Conflict Resolution and parliament approval Committee and called on them to give particular consideration to the women’s quota of the new Parliament of Puntland.

Saeed Mohamed, traditional elders in Puntland, praised the efforts of the Ministry of Women, and said elders would help women find their right quota because they are the backbone of society and it is unacceptable for their rights to be disregarded, said the traditional elder.

Fadumo Ahmed Nur, Puntland’s women association representative in Nugal region, also called for the respect of women’s quota, As well as the traditional elders urged not to forget the important role played by women in Puntland in society.