Puntland: Ministry of women concluded 16-days campaign of ending violence against women

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs of Puntland today closed a 16-days campaign to end violence against women and this ceremony was also celebrated on the day of the international human rights declaration on 10 December.

The ceremony was attended by the first lady of Puntland, the Minister of Women, the chair of the Puntland Human Rights Defenders, the local and international organizations, women and other social groups.

The international organizations involved in this meeting include EU CAP, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, SAFE, Save the Children, CARE International, IRC, NCA, World Vision and DRC, as well as local NGOs The event was attended by Kaalo, Shilkon, PSA and Tadamun.

All officials from local and international organizations have jointly called for the protection of human rights, especially in the areas of vulnerable communities and to stop violence against vulnerable populations including women and children.

Mohamed Shiine speaking on behalf of local NGOs said that it is a collective responsibility to protect human rights that everyone needs to take his role.

Mohamud Ali Yusuf, UNICEF, who spoke on behalf of the United Nations, said they are always committed to helping the community prevent violence, including women.

The chairman of the Puntland Human Rights Defender Mohamed Yusuf Ali said at the ceremony that if the follow-up of the laws and regulations in the country would greatly reduce the human rights abuses and at the same time we can protect these rights.

The Minister of Women Development and Family Affairs, Mrs. Maryan Ahmed Ali, who strives to end the violence against women and protecting the rights of women, has also been grateful to the partners of the Ministry of Women, The minister added that it is necessary to eradicate abuses against women and children.

Finally, the first lady of Puntland Drs Hodan Said Isse addressed the occasion of the call for the eradicating of the bad habit of participating in women’s abuses such as FGM and others.