The Ministry of Women’s Affairs of the Puntland state celebrates International Children’s Day

The Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs today held a celebration of the International Children’s Day on November 21, 2018.

The cermony was led by the Minister of Women’s Affairs, Mss:-Maryan Ahmed Ali was held at the headquater of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Garowe and attended by Puntland Deputy Minister of Education, UNICEF & Save The Children, parents and more than 70 children from orphan care centres and Garowe schools.

Director of Childcare at the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Puntland Khadro Ahmed Oday said every year we celebrate International Children’s Day to encourage our children.

Mohamed Abdullahi, speaking on behalf of UNICEF and Save the Children, said the most important necessity is to review the current situation of the child’s life and mental health, to prepare for a better future.

Puntland Deputy Minister of Education and Higher Education Mohamed Ali Farah, who briefed on the occasion, highly appreciated the efforts of the Puntland Ministry of Women and the International Children’s Fund (UNICEF & Save The Children) and He congratulated to all Somali children, especially those from Puntland.

Finally, the Minister of Women, Maryan Ahmed Ali said that we will continue our efforts to promote the lives of children in Somalia, particularly in Puntland.

“I come here to perform one of my duties or one of the mandate of the Ministry for the protection and care of the children, “said the minister, adding” I congratulate you today, not only the children, but also the parents, if there is no parent, and you would not have stayed. “

The minister also said in this month the ministry will publish a “Puntland Child Support Policy” which has been assisted by Save the Children.