The Story of Somali Entrepreneur who spearheads 100K worth Business in Turkey

Abdulkadir Mohamed Muse, 24 was born in Malaasle village which is not too distant from Mudug’s provincial capital of Gaalkio and for the last couple of years he was a stupendous entrepreneur in Isntabul.

Unlike other Somalis living in Turkey, Abdulkadir has established 100,000 worth business, ascertaining to change the intuition of Somali folks in the economically thriving Turkey.

“It’s a long journey, I have come here through a scholarship and sevan years of solid dedication I had finished my degree along M.A. in local governance at Marmara University” Abdulkadir has said.

“It was a substantial experience to learn the national language of this country and also finish to the next higher educational levels “he said.

He said that the idea behind the entrepreneurship was to entail a market gaps and strength the economical ties between Somalia and Turkey and also field vacant opportunities in Istanbul.

“Our company is dubbed Sahal Enterprise and now we work in several fields including the Cargo , medical and tourism along an educational consultant department which offers educational services for the Somali students vying to approach in Turkey ” he noted.

“Based on our daily tasks we have collaboration with domestic universities who often accept foreign students and not only Somalis but also for the other African students “

The director has estimated their revenue 100K per year with more than 5 years of expertise in the market, calling other contenders to enhance their competition.

“Our company has recently open a new door to its services, we are yet the only company that can deliver Cargo services to Puntland which is where I came from, it takes less than days to luggage goods and send directly to Somalia specifically Galkio” The CEO has said.

“Istanbul is turning the new Dubai and more Somali business people are willing to settle in here to bring initiatives and we are part of that community just to serve for our people.

Mr. Abdulkadir has presented a gratitude for the endless support which the Turkish gov’t is giving to the Somali people who are mostly devastated by conflicts and the recent floods.

Faisal M.Hassan