Tender for Procurements

Relief International (RI)

is an international Relief and Development agency .......



Tender Number PLZ/GRW/5/17


Relief International (RI) is an international Relief and Development agency with cross-sectorial programs bridging relief and development assistance and program services to vulnerable communities worldwide.

RI intends to procure the below listed items; therefore, all interested trading/business companies are cordially invited to apply and show authenticated evidence that they have previous experience and satisfactorily carried such procurements.

Items to procure:-

  1. Procurement of Emergency food for Students and teacher in 31 schools

Tenders should submit their bids marked with their companies or business names and the specific items you wish to procure in the tender document.

Tender documents with detailed specifications and conditions are obtainable from RI office in Garowe, behind Rugsan square, from October 23th, up to 10th November 2017, between 08.30am to 12.30pm.

No fees will be paid to obtain the tender documents.

Completed tender documented must be received by RI not later than 3.30pm on Sunday, 13th November, 2017 and should be deposited in the tender box provided at the entrance of the office. Any tender document not deposited in the tender box shall be disqualified.

Bids shall be accompanied with the following documents for preliminary evaluation:

  • Valid trade and registration certificates from relevant ministries.
  • Puntland tax compliance certificates (relevant ministers) and tender Board membership documents
  • Information regarding any litigation, current or during the last five years, in which the Bidder was/is involved, the parties concerned, and the disputed amounts and awards;
  • Proven physical location and address of the Company;
  • Three up to date contracts with similar activities from NGO’s where food have been supplied in the past.
  • The vendors should demonstrate the existence of an operating business locations in Nugal, Bari and Mudug regions.
  • Bidder’s prices demonstrate an economically advantageous position for Relief International
  • Bidder’s capacity to supply Relief International, particularly in terms of stock levels and lead times
  • The financial sustainability of Bidder
  • Bidder provides satisfactory client references

Opening of submission will be conducted on a specified date in Relief International office thereafter, and all tenderers who submitted their bids or their representatives are invited to attend and will be notified of the date through telephone calls an or emails.

Prices shall be inclusive of all taxes and applicable duties, transport and other incidental expenses and must remain valid for at least 2 months from the date of opening.

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