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Relief International (RI) is an international Relief and Development agency with cross-sectorial programs bridging relief and development assistance and program services to vulnerable communities worldwide. RI has received a grant to Somali Humanitarian fund in Somalia from UNOCHA where it will be supporting some of Bari Schools specially education and wash sector.

1. Tender Details

  • ITB release Date: 1st July, 2018 Time: – 9:00am
  • ITB Clarification last date: 10th July, 2018 – Time: 3:45pm
  • ITB document last date: 10th July, 2018 – Time: 3:45pm
  • ITB submission deadline: 14th July, 2018 Time: 3:50pm
  • ITB Opening Date: 16th July, 2018

PLEASE NOTE: NO BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE ABOVE CLOSING TIME AND DATE. You can submit your bid any time prior to the deadline

2. Tender Procedures and Instruction

  • Tenders should submit their bids marked with their companies or business names and the contact for the representative.
  • Tender documents with detailed specifications and conditions are obtainable from RI Garowe office, behind Rugsan square restaurant and Hotel, near PRS Office.
  • No fees will be paid to obtain the tender documents.
  • Completed tender documents must be received by RI not later than the ITB submission date.
  • Bid documents shall be deposited in the tender box provided at the entrance of the office.
  • Any tender document not deposited in the tender box shall be disqualified.
  • Tenderer should sign tender registration form which will indicate the date bids were deposited.

3. Technical Evaluation (Essential criteria)

The Evaluation Committee will rule on the technical admissibility of each Bid, classifying it as technically compliant or non-compliant. The technical evaluation will be based on the information and documents annexed in the Bid concerning the items and specifications for ‘goods’, and both the task to be carried out under the ITB, and the professional ability of the Bidder for ‘services’.

  • Capacity to deliver the items and materials to the schools.
  • Stationary and business premises where the committees will be verifying?
  • Asset both physical and capital(Bank statement for last six month)
  • Human resources for the company
  • The country of origin of the items bided for must be clearly stated. As far as possible Bids should be for the full RI quantity required.

4. Evaluation Award criteria (preferred criteria)

  • Technical Aspect: compliance with the scope of work described in the Bid packages and the invitation to tender, Experiences with minimum 3 teaching and learning material contracts from INGOs.
  • Legal Aspect: compliance documents including a valid Certificate of Business form Ministry of Commerce, Puntland National Tender Board registration (PNTB), Local Government Registration, Updated Tax clearance documents from the minister of finance
  • Financial Aspect: The Evaluation Committee will not necessarily choose on the basis of lowest price alone but will award a contract on the basis of criteria such as best value for money, price, quality, and compliance with international norms.

5. Submission of Samples

If the Tender calls for the submission of samples then failure to do so may render your Bid invalid.. Sample packaging must be clearly marked ‘Samples’ with the ITB number and the Bidder’s name etc. All samples submitted remain the property of RI. Samples must be received at the same place as the ‘hard copies’ of the Bid

Note: Any clarifications please do email to Senior Operation Officer in Puntland

Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim


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