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Somali Institute for Development Research and Analysis

Terms of Reference (ToR)

I. General Information
Position: Executive Director
Beneficiary Institution: Somali Institute for Development Research and Analysis
Duty Station: Garowe, Puntland State of Somalia
Duration of Assignment: One Year with possibility of renewal
Deadline for Applications: 04/04/2020
II. Background Information
Somali Institute for Development Research and Analysis (SIDRA) is a registered independent, not-for-profit research and policy analysis Think Tank based in Garowe, Puntland State, Somalia. The institute is a knowledge-policy interface established to fill the strategic gaps of shaping and debating whole range of policy agendas and in generating and communicating relevant research findings to policy actors in Somalia. It seeks to influence policy content through public debate and dialogue, advocacy and dissemination and by producing high value and evidence-based research products which inform decision makers in governments, business and private sector, civil society and community at large.

Researchers at the institute work in a variety of legal, political, economic and social development fields, addressing a broad spectrum of topics, and using diverse methods. Its goals are;

1.       to be acknowledged nationally and internationally as the leading center for carrying out public policy research in Puntland and in Somalia as a whole

2.       to be recognized for carrying out research and policy analysis of the highest international standard in social transformation through citizen engagement and participation in security and rule of law, social development and social welfare, environmental preservation and capacity strengthening.

3. to be renowned for the outstanding contribution we make to present evidence-based informed policy in Puntland and Somalia more broadly in our six thematic areas.

The institute’s strategy for 2018-2022 is based on the major transitions that are taking place across the development landscape in Somalia. Over the next three years, the institute will focus on the following thematic areas to contribute to this continuing transformations: –

1.       Democracy and Governance (D&G)

2.       Private Sector Development

3.       Environment and Natural Resource Management (NRM)

4.       Gender and Women Empowerment

5.       Security and Rule of Law

6. Improving Education and Health Equity and Capacity Strengthening
III. Duties & Responsibilities
Based in Garowe and reporting to SIDRA Board of Directors, the Executive Director is responsible for the following core areas:

1.           Leadership and overall management of operations and resources of the institute and advising the Board of Directors on the long-term strategic policies and development of the institute.

2.           Overall management of research studies, development projects and other programs based on SIDRA’s thematic focus areas including managing results, ensuring accountability and value for money, and reporting on impact.

3.           Responsible for policy analysis, research and training, advocacy and coordination tasks.

4.           Oversee the development and implementation of dynamic programs of research from program conception and design to completion and maintaining high standard and quality based on current and emerging socioeconomic, political and cultural trends.

5.           Ensuring effective communications are maintained with all stakeholders.

6.           Execute the development of excellent relationship and cooperation with external strategic partners to enhance research at regional and country levels including liaising with multilateral institutions, government departments, civil society organizations and the private sector.

7.           Contribute to the development of a Brand identity for SIDRA to enhance the visibility and stature of the entity.

8.           Maintain a collaborative organizational culture and create results-oriented team of qualified researchers.

9.           Monitor and analyze security and political developments, related to SIDRA’s thematic focus areas while suggesting actions to the Board of Directors that are both relevant and assure SIDRA’s long- term sustainability.

10.        Meet operating and financial objectives against budget and addressing areas for improvement.

11.        Promote SIDRA’s organizational development and efficiency to enable SIDRA to implement its

goals and objectives.

12.        Supported by the Board of Directors and the Operations, develop a mission-related income generation activities and financial and budgetary plans.

13.        Assess staff performance, including interns, and support continuous education and professional development for staff and interns through on-job training, mentoring and course-based learning.

IV. Target Outputs (Measurable Results)
1.       Number of projects and programs successfully implemented, monitored and evaluated.

2.       Number of staff and interns who have received on the job and course based training and are able to apply the knowledge and skills in their tasks.

3.       Number of policies, guidelines and manuals developed for SIDRA.

4.       Number of successful fundraising initiatives and engagement with existing and prospective partners.

5.       Number of successful research projects, peer-reviewed articles, workshops and knowledge production assignments.

6.       Number of staff meetings, employee surveys and one-to-one performance evaluations.

V. Competences
1. Project development and project management skills and /or experience in high quality planning

and overseeing programmes with significant socio-economic impact.

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