Tender Notice for the Supply and Installation of 11 PVC Water Tanks in 11 Schools in Jariban District, Mudug Region

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Tadamun Social Society

Donor/Partner: SHF

Project Code:    SOM 21/3485/RA2/Ed/NGO/19774


 TENDER–DEADLINE: 29th Sept 2021

Tadamun Social Society (TASS) is a national Relief and Development agency with cross- sectorial programs bridging relief and development assistance and program services to vulnerable communities.

TASS is currently implementing a project titled Access to lifesaving education in emergencies for drought affected children including children with disability in Jariban District in Mudug Region. The project is funded by Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF).

The Purpose of this Tender Notice

 The intention of this tender notice is to obtain competitive Bids that will result in the selectionof goods providers for the provision of supply and installation of PVC water tanks in 11 schools in Jariban District, Mudug Region

for Tadamun Social Society (TASS).

Successful bidders will be expected to adhere to the approved standards, under supervisionof TASS’s Procurement and logistics Office.

Document Requirements:


Document Requirements:

The bids without the following documents will not be accepted and it will be totallydisqualified.

  1. Completed VendorApplication Form
  2. Detailed workplan for delivery of services/goods or supplies
  3. Company profile
  4. List of directors with their telephone and ID/Passport Numbers;
  5. Current registration certificate e Ministries of Commerce/ Public Works, Puntland Tender Board,
  6. Previous experience for similar nature of services: Provide either 3 high value contracts or Local purchase orders from previous clients for last 3
  7. Good financial position: Provide either Latest audited report, or bank statement for 6
  8. Latest tax clearance

Interested bidders are invited to collect a complete set of Supplier Registration Forms documents in visiting the TASS offices in Bosaso, North of international Village Hotel and in Garowe, Opposite Save the Children from 15th Sept 2021 –29th Sept 2021, between 08.30am to 03.30pm.

Completed and sealed bids indicating tender reference numbers on the sealed envelopes are to be submitted into tender box will placed in TASS offices in Bosaso, North of international Village Hotel and in Garowe, Opposite Save the Children.

Late bids shall be rejected. Bids containing other external markings that can identify the vendor or addressed to individuals will be automatically disqualified.

Please note that TASS is not bound to accept any or all bids and may decide at its sole discretion to reject any or all bids without offering any explanation.

For More Information, Kindly Contact:

Location Tel Number Email address
Bosaso 796147/906796444 logistics@tadamun.org
Garowe 906966666
906 527238