Tender for development of Web based Online Data for Gender-based Violence Information Management System (GBVIMS), Consultancy

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Puntland Attorney General Office

Terms of Reference

 Development of Web based Online Data for Gender-based Violence Information Management System (GBVIMS), Consultancy

 Location:                                             Garowe, Puntland

Travel:                                                  NO

Duration of Contract:                     30 days (01 October 2020- 12 November 2020

Application Deadline:                   24 September 2020

Somalia is one of the leading countries in human right violations, in particular the Gender Base Violence (GBV). For the purposes of the development, gender-based violence includes, but is not limited to: domestic violence, physical attacks and abuse outside the home, sexual violence and rape.

Sexual and gender-based violence are also serious problems in Puntland. Cases of such abuses are often unreported and resolved between families, with perpetrators typically paying compensation or marrying the victim. Women, especially single women, with no support network are likely to be vulnerable and may be subjected to destitution of and gender-based violence (GBV) in Puntland.

Over the past two decades, a series of global policies, guidance, standards and tools have been developed by UN agencies, NGOs and other partners to facilitate improved prevention and response to GBV in emergency contexts, and the international community increasingly recognizes the need to prioritize collective action to address GBV in emergency settings.

Under the direct supervision of the Attorney General and in coordination with UN WOMEN ROL Programme Manager The consultancy firm will transform The current Gender-based Violence Information Management System (GBVIMS) which was created to provide GBV programme with one simple system to manage their data on reported GBV cases to a web based online which will collect GBV data and reported GBV cases, including through a safe and ethical sharing of reported incident data, effective utilization of the GBVIMS web based online will also assist service providers to better understand reported GBV cases they receive in order to adjust their programming to more effectively respond to the needs of survivors, aggregate data to analyse wider trends and threats, and enable safe sharing for improved inter-agency coordination on GBV data collection.

 Expected results/outputs

 Office of the attorney General welcomes technical proposals for the design and development, including initial testing, of a relational database system with capabilities, ability to be used on a network, rigorous security features and varying access rights, graphical user interface and an in-built user manual. The precise specification and perimeters will be made available upon successful recruitment and prior to contracting. The system will adhere to all applicable internationally accepted standards for system development customized to meet specific procedural requirements and data perimeters. The duration required for comprehensive completion of the project 30 days, excluding testing and relevant post-testing adjustments which may endure as may be required.

The Consultant will provide on- and off-site field support to the GBVIMS roll-out process, with a focus on training-based system. In addition, the consultant will provide support for the revision and finalization GBVIMS web-based system training materials, user manual, etc. in order to facilitate the implementation of the new system.

  1. Advice and Develop database system in accordance with government established procedural frameworks: This will entail the consolidation of all necessary resources to develop, test and pilot the various modules of the system in close consultation with relevant government and office of the attorney general staff. The database will consist of a feature to track incident and Survivor Information.
  2. Training, rollout and testing: Users across the different government agencies implicated incident administration will be trained to test all aspects and components of the system over a period to be specified in the contract. This will include data entry, sorting, cross-functional queries, and generating customized printouts of query results, etc.
  3. Design of high-quality system integrated data analysis tools: The system will include complex data analysis capabilities and tools for analyzing wide range of dataset and generating infographic products, including but not limited to export facilities, graphs, charts and grids, diagrams of specific plots, etc.
  4. The consultancy firm is responsible for maintenance and father development of the database if required for period reaches one year after completion of database development.
  5. The database developer responsible payment of Hosting & Maintenance fees for period of one year.

Duty Station

The consultancy firm should be based in Garowe for consultation with office of the Attorney general, all the development work can be done outside of the office.

Time frame

The duration of the contract will be for 30  days for the development and further remote technical assistance and field deployments if needed

Required Qualifications and Experience

The consultant will be required to meet the following minimum requirements

Technical and academic

  • Minimum of three (3) years’ documented experience in the area of online system development, IT project management, database systems;
  • Knowledge of relevant programming language for development of server client applications.
  • Ability to operate under strict time limits.
  • Maintaining high level of professionalism;
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Track record of successful similar projects undertaken.


  • At least two samples to live functional systems previously developed.
  • Two references (with contact information) from previous clients
  • technical proposal detailed list with technical information of the technologies, languages/frameworks intended for use and clear articulated work plan
  • Brief presentation of the team, with CVs and functional responsibilities of the key people to be engaged in the project.
  • Detailed profile of the consultancy firm
  • Itemized budget proposal

Estimated Start date:     01 October 2020                      End date: 12  November 2020.

How to Apply

Send your Application documents to the following email address: info@puntlandago.so