Pre-qualification of Contractors for Provision of Construction/Rehabilitation Works


Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Address: MOEHE Garowe, Puntland, Somalia

Tel: 0907790243/0907755810



 The pre-qualification documents must be enclosed in a properly sealed envelope marked “Pre-Qualification of Contractors 2021”, clearly indicating provision of construction/Rehabilitation work  and placed in the tender boxes from Sunday12 September 2021 to Wednesday 21 September 2021 at 3pm at MOEHE Garowe


  1. MOEHE herein referred to as the organization, requests applicants/candidates who meet the criteria set out by the organization to apply for registration of pre- qualified contractors for Provision of construction/Rehabilitation work.
  2. The pre-qualification objective is to deliver assorted items and provide construction/rehabilitation services under the relevant tenders/quotations to MOEHE on and as when required during the stated period.
  3. Duly registered constructors under the Laws of Puntland state are invited to submit their pre- qualification documents to MOEHE so that they may be pre-qualified for submission of quotations. The prospective Contractors are required to supply mandatory information for pre-qualification.
  4. Prospective contractors must have carried out successful delivery of construction works to Government/NGOs/Corporations/Institutions of similar size. Potential contractors must demonstrate the willingness and commitment to meet the pre-qualification criteria.
  5. This invitation of application for pre-qualification is open to potential applicants who can demonstrate proven technical, financial, and managerial capacity to supply the listed goods and services.
  6. The successful applicants will be registered on MOEHE’s Pre-qualified Contractors list for the period 1 October 2021  1 October 2023 and the MOEHE will only deal with the firms that are registered.
  7. MOEHE reserves the right to request the submission of additional information from applicants or any other credible source, and to visit and inspect the business premises of the applicant to verify the information given.
  8. The Ministry will ensure information that is received from companies is treated with the utmost confidentiality and shall be for the sole use of the MOEHE.
  9. The pre-qualified Contractors are required to immediately advise the MOEHE of any significant change in its financial, technical capacity, ownership, or holdings it may have.
  10. Failure to submit any of the mandatory requirements will lead to automatic disqualification from the exercise.



a. Prospective Bidders shall have at least five (5) years’ experience in construction and rehabilitation of projects within specified geographical locations in Puntland.

b. Prospective Contractors require special experience and capability to construct and Rehabilitate work in short notice.

c. MOEHE reserves the right to request additional qualification information as the tender/quotation stage to suit particular procurement procedure.

d. Share contracts of previous works done and/or recommendation letters.

Financial Capability

a. The Contractor’s financial capability will be determined by the latest Bank Statement submitted with the pre-qualification document.

b. Potential contractors will be pre-qualified on the satisfactory information given.

c. Special consideration will be given to the financial capability to execute orders


a. The contractors shall provide pertinent information to demonstrate that they have qualified staff to carry out the assignment.

b. Curriculum Vitae (CVs) of the key personnel for individuals or groups that will execute the contract

Past Performance

a. Past performance will be given due consideration for any pre-qualifying bidders.

b. Letters of reference/recommendation from past customers should be attached.

Statutory Obligations

The firm must show proof that it has paid statutory obligations and has a valid Tax compliance certificate from the Puntland Ministry of Finance.



No. Requirement Score
1. Certified Copy of Certificate of Registration/Incorporation Mandatory
2. Valid Tax Compliance Certificate Mandatory
3. Evidence Of physical Registered office– Please attach utility bill e.g., Electricity/Water bill etc. or tenancy agreements with the name of the firm. Mandatory
4. Bank Statement for the last three months in the name of the firm i.e. (January 2021-August 2021) Mandatory
6 Certificate of Completion for previous contracts from the clients Essential
7 Company/Business Profile Mandatory


No. Requirements (Submit evidence) Score (%)
1 Registration documentation e.g. Certificate of Incorporation, Valid Tax Compliance Certificate and Business License from Local Government 30
2 Evidence Of physical Registered office– Attach utility bill e.g. Electricity /Water bill etc. or tenancy agreements with the name of the firm. 10
3 Manpower/Staffing 10
4 Past Performance & Experience e.g., provide contracts/Local Purchase Orders (LPOs)/Recommendation letters /Acknowledgment or Certification of completion 30
5 Financial capability 20

 MOEHE reserves the right to accept or reject any application either in whole or in part based on the requirements and will also provide any clarifications needed by the applicant before, during and after application received and evaluated.

Clarifications and questions relating with application and documentation process will be accepted and available from 12th  21th September 2021 and the communication will be done through email Cc; (

 Only successful organizations will be contacted.

Application Deadline: 21th September 2021 3:00 pm. Any application later that date and time will not be accepted.

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Contractor Registration Form

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