Invitation to tender for procurement of 10 Refrigerators with Solar system in Dangoroyo, Badhan and Bossaso Districts

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Project Name: Restore Project, Building Resilient Community in Northern Somalia
GRANT ID: T05.EUTF-HoA-SO-23.01 (COM T05.417)

About Organization

KAALO Aid and Development (KAALO) is a community based non-profit, humanitarian and development organization with its headquarters located in Garowe, Puntland in Somalia. The organization was established in March, 1991 just after the collapse of the Somali central government. The organization has been in existence for 26 years with a successful record in implementing more than 100 programs and projects in both the emergency and the development sector in 9 regions of Puntland.

KAALO is currently implementing Restore project – Building Resilient Community in Northern Somalia – an EU financed 3-year resilience project under BRCiS Consortium to reduce the impact as well as build communities’ resilience with the recurring climatic extremes, Bossaso, Badhan, and Dangorayo districts of Bari, Sanaag, and Nugaal respectively.

Therefore, KAALO is looking for a qualified Contractor, with sound capacity and relevant experience in similar works to submit their offers against purchase 10 refrigerators with solar system in Dangoroyo, Badhan and Bari Regions.

Tender Procedures and Instruction

  1. Bid Application document with detailed specifications and conditions are available and obtainable from KAALO, Garowe Office.
  2. Completed Bid documents shall be retuned and deposited in the tender box provided at the entrance of the office.
  3. Any tender document not deposited in the tender box shall be disqualified.
  4. Bidder should sign tender registration form which will indicate the date bids were deposited to the tender box.
  5. The contractor must use their own quotation format with their logo and contact details.


  1. Partial Documents will not be accepted
  2. Tender envelop should be sealed with reference number and stamped.
  3. Company Profile with detailed physically verifiable contact address.
  4. Quotation price.
  5. Valid Registration certificates and Tax clearance.
  6. Bank statement.
  7. Evidence of Past Experience in a similar work (experience certificates/Contract letters etc.)
  8. All bid document should be written in English.

Interested Contractors with having sound capacity and relevant experience in similar work are here by invited to submit their bids in a sealed envelope clearly marked with tender Name and location above and be dropped at the tender box located at KAALO, Islan Mohamed Street, Garowe – Puntland. The deadline for submitting bids is 10th May 2020- 26th May ,2020 at 05:00PM and any tender or documents received later than this date and time will not be accepted.

Any questions about the bid documents, please contact KAALO Office in Garowe, Puntland.

Contacts: +25290-7745723 / +25290-7743166.


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