Invitation to Bid for Technology Equipment Purchase


Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Release Date: 12 September 2021


As the fear of the coronavirus pandemic escalated across the globe, education authorities have ordered schools and universities to stop teaching for a while. But not every school or university was prepared to help students to get access to online education and continue studying during the closure period.

With over 300,000 students enrolled in the primary and secondary schools across Puntland getting their education disrupted by the virus coupled with the lack of educational technology infrastructures in the school system, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) of Puntland Government in partnership with UNICEF launched the Puntland Learning Passport and its equivalent Android mobile app, Cilmi. The Learning Passport is an Online, Mobile, and Offline digital platform enabling high quality, flexible learning designed to close the learning poverty gap. MoEHE has to date recorded over 2,800 short video lessons covering the entire primary and secondary education curriculum which are freely available for students and adult learners on Puntland Learning Passport website and mobile app Cilmi available on Google Play Store.

MoEHE is seeking quotations from qualified vendors and suppliers to supply technology equipment to further strengthen the efforts it made thus far in providing free education to all citizens and residents in Puntland and beyond. The equipment sought includes tablets, computers, and other technology equipment used for recording and disseminating audiovisual contents.

This document establishes the deliverables required in response to the IFB. Bids will be evaluated based on quantitative and qualitative scoring criteria developed for the job. Bids will also be evaluated for the compatibilities of the proposed equipment with current and future technology infrastructures, as well as warranty coverage length, brand reputation, model, year, durability, ease of use, and delivery lead time. The delivery location is the headquarter of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) of Puntland in Garowe.

Bidders are advised to read this invitation carefully and identify all costs associated with the acquisition of the equipment, including, necessary software, installations, configurations, and taxes. All research costs for the responses are at the bidder’s cost. MoEHE will evaluate the responses to determine which bidder’s offer meets its requirements.

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