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Date:29.12. 2021 No. of pages including this page: 5
Tender title:  BOQ for the Construction of Perimeter fence in Garwoe Ref no:  WVSFY22/74

 Manner of Submission:

Closing deadline: time: 4.00 pm date:  18th January2022


Offers transmitted in any other manner than those indicated above will not be considered.


World Vision Somalia Program Office invites qualified and reputable Contractors with proven experience in provision of Construction works for perimeter fence wall  in Garowe, and to make an offer based upon the conditions stated in this invitation to tender for the following Items:

The supplies shall include but not limited to:

Summary BoQ for construction of perimeter fence in Garowe

Your offer should clearly indicate:

  1. Unit price
  2. Price should be net after deduction.
  3. Confirmed delivery schedule.
  4. Validity of the offer.
  5. Detailed specification (if different from the stipulated specification).
  6. Detailed Work plan for the activity.

Information to bidders:

  1. Currency of offer should preferably be in US Dollars, but in case local currency is offered, the comparison of offers will be based on the prevailing rate of exchange.
  2. World Vision does not undertake to pay by letter of credit (LOC) or in advance of work completion.
  3. World Vision reserves the right to accept the whole or part of your offer.
  4. World vision Somalia reserves the right to accept or reject any application (bid), and is not bound to give reasons for its decisions. Canvassing or giving false information will lead to automatic disqualification.
  5. Attach your company profile with the invitation letter,
  6. Your quotation letter should be separate page/s from world vision international Somalia ITB/RFQ.
  7. The supplier/Contractor must obtain Registrations and clearance letter, signed and stamped from respective Authorities of Puntland state.
  8. ALL quotations/bids must be submitted by hard copy to World Vision office in Garowe and dropped to the tender box at the main gate on/before the deadline on 18th January 2022 at 4:00pm .


  1. Mandatory requirements – Failure to submit the mandatory documents will lead to disqualification.
  2. Provide a certified copy of a certificate of business registration, certificate of incorporation, a business license from the ministry of commerce ( should be valid)
  3. Provide a certified copy of tax registration, tax clearance certificates from the ministry of finance
  • Provide valid registration from Puntland national tender board
  1. Provide valid registration from Ministry of public works and transport
  2. Valid registration from any local Government in Puntland
  3. Provide information on ownership structure (Name of directors of the company / Owner)
  • Provide references from previous customers for similar works


Bids become eligible and will be opened only if the bids had been received before the bid closing date and time.

  • Detailed company profile with organizational Structure
  1. Site Visit Clearance by WV or it’s designee
  2. Work schedule (Detailed work schedule) with clear timelines on Project completion times and dates
  3. Three (3) years’ experience in similar works (attach current and previous contracts/LPOs)- past experiences (specifically in Puntalnd state Somalia) in Construction similar to the structure that has been bid for (including details of the project such as Client, Client Contact, value of the project, start and completion dates), Certification from Clients on satisfactory completion of the works (if any);
  • Certified/stamped financial bank statements for the past 3-6 months and should show enough balance to undertake the construction and also demonstrate a sound transaction track record.
  • Indication of the validity of the bid.
  • Fully Priced BOQ
  1. Technical Evaluation Documents:
  1. Detailed work plan with activity specification for each Site.
  2. Labour distribution plan (skilled unskilled) during the construction period
  3. CV of the Engineer (s) and technical team who would be supervising the construction works.
  4. Details of vehicles and machinery owned by the company

Equipment Form-Fill the form below for the equipment required for the work

Type of Equipment*
Equipment Information Name of manufacturer Model and power rating
Capacity* Year of manufacture*
Current Status Current location
Details of current commitments
Source Indicate source of the equipment

          o Owned  o Rented  o Leased   o Specially manufactured


BoQ for a Perimeter Fencing Proposed to be Constructed at the New Plot at Garowe Town
Item Description Unit QTY Unit Price Total Amount
A. Excavation and Earth Work        
1 Clearing 56.3mx50m plot of land and removal of vegetation if any and preparing the site for construction of perimeter wall. m2     2,815.00
2 Trench excavation for 50 cm thick foundation wall to adept 0.3 m on existing soil strata and backfilling. The excavation shall be extended at a minimum 5cm each side to allow proper check for the verticality of walls using plumb bob. m3           34.00
3 Cartaway excavated material to appropriate tip (dumping site) approved by the site engineer. m3           48.00
B. Stone Masonry Work        
4 Supply and construct 50 cm thick and a depth of 0.8 m stone masonry foundation wall using basaltic stones embedded in cement mortar of 1:4 mix ration. Price includes the supply of all the necessary materials. m3           75.00
5 Supply and construct 40 cm thick and 2m high stone masonry wall using basaltic stones embedded in cement mortar of 1:4 mix ration. Price includes the supply of all the necessary materials. m3        142.00
C. Reinforcement Work        
High Tensile steel square twisted bars  in  structural concrete work including all cutting, bending, laying and binding wire all in accordance with the Engineer’s reinforcement schedules in the following;
6 T8 (stirrups) kg        403.00
7 T12 kg        731.05
8 T16 kg        174.43
9 T14 kg        113.26
10 T8 (stirrups) kg        825.52
11 T12 kg     1,452.48
D. Concrete Work        
  Supply and construct C-20 concrete in 1:1.5:3 mix ratio with the reinforcement schedule for bars and stirrups. Maximum size of 20mm coarse aggregate for Grade beam. m3           19.00
12 Ditto as above but for top tie beam. m3           15.00
13 Supply and construct C-20 concrete in 1:1.5:3 mix ratio with the reinforcement schedule for bars and stirrups. Maximum size of 20mm coarse aggregate for Columns. m3             5.50
14 Supply and construct 10 cm thick plain concrete to blind the soil under the masonry foundation wall. m3             9.35
E. Form Work        
FORM WORK (including necessary strutting and requirements as lift specialists details):-
15 Sides of columns M2           24.00
16 Vertical Sides of Beams M2        142.00
17 Sides of Column Bases M2             9.60
F. Metal Work  
18 Supply and construct 4m wide sliding main metallic gate of approved quality out of 80x80x4mm RHS main gate post and size (400x200mm) cm including plinth foundation of 80cm depth. pcs             2.00
19 Supply and construct 1m wide metallic pedestrian gate using with 80x80x4mm RHS post pcs             2.00
20 Providing and Fixing angle 4 bar and wire fencing at the top of copping beam. Price shall include angle bars of size 4 each 1.1 m long bent at the top 20 cm and spaced at 1.5m length. LM        188.60
Grand Total  

All pages and corrections should be counter signed (if any);

Please acknowledge this tender and indicate your interest to bid.

Thank you and regards.

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