Call for Expressions of Interest: Purchasing and Distribution of Energy Efficiency cooking stoves

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change







National Competitive Bidding Number:  MoECC /06/2018                 5 NOVEMBER 2018




Charcoal making and its export from Somalia have been in practice since pre-colonial times to meet local and regional energy requirements and provide livelihoods opportunities for Charcoal Value Chain Beneficiaries (CVCBs). However, the unscrupulous plunder of forest and range resources for charcoal production has been witnessed during the last two decades. The breakdown of state institutions in 1991, protracted conflict, weakening of traditional systems of decision-making, vague tenures or resource ownership, illegal imports of huge quantities of Somali charcoal by neighbouring countries of the region, absence of alternative sources of energy and limited livelihoods options for a large “warring &marginalised” population has led to unsustainable production, trade and use of charcoal. In recent years, charcoal became the most sought after commodity to fuel the war economy with militia groups generating revenue in excess of USD15 million per annum from illegal exports. As such, a multitude of complex issues surround the production of charcoal in Somalia leading to triple threats – in the forms of irreversible environmental degradation, perpetual conflicts and dependence on short-term income from an unsustainable livelihood option. Realisation of these multifaceted issues resulted in imposition of a ban on the import of Charcoal from Somalia by the UN Security Council in February 2012.

To address the above issues, The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change in collaboration with UNDP will implement an8 months project which is aimed at the Protection of Natural Resources and reverse the trend of land degradation of productive lands due to unsustainable production of charcoal. The project will purchase and distribute9000energy efficiency cooking stoves for IDPs, rural villages and vulnerable business women in 6 regions of Puntland.


The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change of the Puntland Government of Somalia invites eligible companies/firms (“Contractors”) to an expression of interest in providing the above works. Interested contractors must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the works (proof of technical and financial capacity, relevantregistration certificates, brochures, description and proof of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, and availability of appropriate skills).

The short-listing criteria are:

  • Background of the contractor(s): summarizing their areas of expertise
  • Proof of registration with relevant ministries within Puntland
  • Organizational capability; financial capacity, Human Resources; Tax Clearance
  • Years of experience of the company/firm
  • General and overall experience of the company;
  • Relevant experience and summary of similar projects undertaken by the contractor with proven evidence
  • Adequate staffing and availability of appropriate skills amongst staff.
  • Durationof the contractor to complete the entire work.
  • Eligibility (license from Ministry of Commercial and Ministry of Commercial

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change now invites sealed Tenders from eligible contractors registered in Puntland for carrying out the [Purchase and Construction of energy efficiency cooking stoves]

A complete set of Tendering Document(s) can be obtained by the interested bidders at the Ministry’s Procurement Unit [upon payment of a non-refundable fee of USD 30 to Ministry of Environment and Climate Change AMAL Bank account No. 1011674785].

Interested eligible applicants may obtain further information from the Ministry’s Procurement Unit Office by submitting written requests or by email addressed to tender.moecc@gmail.comfrom 5th November, 2018 to 19nd November, 2018inclusive except on public holidays.

Further information can be obtained by sending email requests at the email address mentioned above. Expressions of interest in a written form of two (2) hard copies must be delivered (in person) through Tender Box at the Ministry by 19th November, 2018, 12:30PM clearly marked as “Expression of Interest –Lot X. Tenders will be opened promptly thereafter in the presence of bidders’ representatives who choose to attend the opening at [Ministry of Environment’s Conference Hall, Garowe] on the same date of 19th November, 2018.

Bids received after the stipulated date and time will not be accepted.

  • Only bids from individual firms will be accepted, Joint ventures will not be considered.
  • Bid from government owned entities will not be accepted.
  • Only companies registered with Puntland State Authorities will be eligible.



Lots 1   Location Units Remarks
1.1. Purchasing & distribution of 2000 locally made cooking stoves for 10 rural villages and


1.2. Purchasing & distribution of 500 imported high quality cooking stoves

1.1 Carmo, Kalabayr (Bari region), Sheerbi, Waaciye (Karkar region), Kalabayr, Dangoroyo, Sin-ujiif, Jalam (Nugal region), Xarfo, Bacadweyn (Mudug region). 2000 Contractors applying for this lot cannot submit applications for any other lot(s).


At the contract award stage, this lot will be awarded to 1 contractor.

1.2 Garowe, Bosaso, Baran, Qardho, Dangorayo, Birtinle and Galkacyo 500
Lots2   Location Units Remarks
2.1. Purchasing &distribution of 2500 locally made cooking stoves for 50for vulnerable women businesses in Puntland 5 major regions 2.1 Garowe, Bosaso, Baran, Qardho, Dangorayo, Birtinle and Galkacyo 2500 Contractors applying for this lot cannot submit applications for any other lot(s).At the contract award stage, this lot will be awarded to onecontractor.
Lots 3   Location Units Remarks
3.1.  Purchasing & distribution of 4000 locally made cooking stoves for 20 IDPs in the major cities 3.1 Galkacyo, Garowe, Qardo and Bosaso 4000 Contractors applying for this lot cannot submit applications for any other lot(s). At the contract award stage, this lot will be awarded toone contractor.

NB: suppliers apply for ONLY one lot.

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

Puntland State, Garowe

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