TOR – Media and Public Outreach Programme


Background information

Puntland Joint Rule of Law Program is designed to support establish unified, capable,  accountable and rights- based Puntland Police providing basic safety and security for it is citizens,  preserving  stability and order in Puntland through custom and institutional rule of law-police capability- the human and physical capabilities of Puntland police are shaped to support the needs of the Somali people.

In the achievement of and accordance with, the UNDP Rule of Law Projects works with the Puntland Police to increase its capacity to deliver adequate service delivery as well as to increase citizen confidence in their Police. In reaching the objective of increasing public trust and confidence in Puntland Police, a comprehensive communication’s strategy reaching the Puntland populations through different media, and Public outreach is planned. One of the main messages communicated through campaigns is increased youth and community stakeholder engagement through the community policing programme as well use the media to communicate and notify to the public available police services to the community.
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