Invitation to Tender for Construction community center


Relief International


Reference# PLZ/GLK/001/18

Relief International (RI) is an international Relief and Development agency with cross-sectorial programs bridging relief and development assistance and program services to vulnerable communities worldwide.

RI has received a grant to build peaceful coexistence center in Galkayo from UNHCR where it will be constructed a community center which has a Meeting Hall, Vocational training class with store, proposed community Library, Child friendly room, service kitchen, four latrines, Office and Also renovation of two front side stadium fencing walls.

1. Tender Details

  •  ITB release Date: 5th May, 2018                           Time: 10:00am
  •   ITB document last date: 14th May,2018              Time: 3:45pm
  • ITB Clarification last date:18th May,2018              Time: 3:45pm
  • ITB submission deadline: 25th May, 2018             Time:3:50pm
  • ITB Opening Date: 28th May,2018                        Time: 9:30am

PLEASE NOTE: NO BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE ABOVE CLOSING TIME AND DATE. You can submit your bid any time prior to the deadline

2. Tender Procedures and Instruction

  • Tenders should submit their bids marked with their companies or business names and the contact for the representative.
  • Tender documents with detailed specifications and conditions are obtainable from RI Galkayo office, behind Hotel Nuur.
  • No fees will be paid to obtain the tender documents.
  • Completed tender documents must be received by RI not later than the ITB submission date.
  • Bid documents shall be deposited in the tender box provided at the entrance of the office.
  • Any tender document not deposited in the tender box shall be disqualified.
  • Tenderer should sign tender registration form which will indicate the date bids were deposited.

3. Technical Evaluation (Essential criteria)

Bids will be checked to find out if they comply with the essential requirements of the ITB. A Bid is considered to comply if it satisfies all the conditions, procedures and specifications. If a Bid does not adhere to the ITB, it will be rejected immediately and may not afterward be made to comply by correcting it or withdrawing the departure or restriction.

  • Local presence of Mudug region where the construction will take place
  • Must have an office or physical location which will be verified.
  • Asset both physical and capital(Bank statement from May 2017 to May 2018)

4. Evaluation Award criteria (preferred criteria)

  • Technical Aspect: compliance with the scope of work described in the Bid packages and the invitation to tender, Experiences with minimum 3 construction contracts from INGOs.
  • Legal Aspect: compliance documents including a valid Certificate of construction form Ministry of Public works, Puntland National Tender Board registration (PNTB), Local Government Registration, Updated Tax clearance documents from the minister of finance
  •  Work Plan aspect: Clear work plan describing the proposed time in weeks from start date to the end date.
  •   Human Resources Aspect: List of technical personnel /engineers with their CV attached.

Note: The tender committee has defined a detailed evaluation criteria to determine the most competitive contractors and will not only be based on the lowest officer from the contractors, but shall be on the basis of value for money, competitive financial proposal, quality of work, technical capacity both financial and human resources, compliance with government rules and regulation, and proven record of satisfactory performance from other organizations.

Any clarifications please do email to senior operation officer in Puntland
Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim

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