Mr. Abshir Hassan Abshir Withdraws From Somali Presidential Election

Mogadishu – Somali presidential candidate, Abshir Hassan Abshir, former Somali Ambassador to Burundi, announced today that he has decided to withdraw from the presidential election, after a profound reflection.
Mr. Abshir will invest his time in advocating for presidential election that would mark the restoration of peace, reconciliation, constitutional order and the process to end the senseless human suffering & crisis.
With this in mind, Mr. Abshir will suspend his campaign immediately.Mr. Abshir appealed to the Electoral Commission (EC) to put in place the trustful mechanisms and processes that would enable it win the support of the masses. Mr. Abshir also admonished the the member of the Parliament to vote for a leader that has the capabilities to implement better programmes and policies that can lead to a lasting peace, true reconciliation, the creation of jobs for youth and end the fragility and the crisis, to help attract investors into the country.

Mr. Abshir encouraged other presidential candidates to consider doing the same so that the MPs can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive alternative to the current crisis. Mr Abshir believes that this is fundamentally important to the future of our country.

Mr. Abshir has passionately appealed to international community to play leading roles to ensure that this year’s presidential election are free, fair and peaceful.

Mr. Abshir called some of his top supporters earlier today informing them of his decision.

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